Golden Deep Sea Dragon

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Golddeepseadragon egg.png Golddeepseadragon squirt.png Golddeepseadragon water.png Golddeepseadragon squirt f.png Golddeepseadragon water f.png

The Golden Deep Sea Dragon family has 1 egg and and 2 stages. The males of the family have blue colourings while the females have a pink colouring. None of the stages actually use the family name.

The Deep Sea Dragon Family are part of a larger family with multiple colourings

Family Stats:

  • Obtained By breeding Silver Deep Sea Dragons
  • Rarity: Breed Only
  • Egg Description: A plain gold egg that is slightly damp. It matches another two
  • EXP to Hatch: 5000
  • Released: Start of game


  1. Squirt
  2. Water

Squirt evolves into Water at level 31