Ruffed Deer

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The Ruffed Deer family has 1 egg and and 2 stages.

Family Stats:

  • Obtained from the adoption centre
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Egg Description: This egg has a fluffy feel to it. These eggs are found in the colder regions, where there is a regular frost or snow layer. There shell seems more fluffy than that of other eggs, as it is covered in a soft furry velvet, similar to that that can be found on antlers.
  • EXP to Hatch: 5000
  • Released: Start of game


  1. Fawn
  2. Ruffed Deer

Fawn evolves into Ruffed Deer at level 32


  • Faun:
    • Awww look! It's seemingly just a bundle of legs and fluff, how cute! Newly hatched fawns can have a hard time trying to co-ordinate themselves and are often just a mass of flailing legs until they learn to balance themselves. Once they have their balance, they can be seen galloping, if slightly ungainly, through the forests after their mothers. As they grow older, their antlers begin to grow in, no matter what their gender is, though the males generally have larger and more impressive racks.
  • Ruffed Deer:
    • The Ruffed Deer can be found in the cool, northern forests, weaving in and out of the tree trunks as well as grazing in frost covered meadows. The thick fluffy fur around their necks and fetlocks is constantly warm and soft making it desirable for winter wear. It also protects the creature from any attacks to the neck or heels, as it is thick and covers a thickened layer of skin. This, and their large antlers, means that Ruffed deer are rarely preyed upon by anything smaller than them. They live in the north all year round, though are more commonly found in the meadows during the summer season where they will gather in large groups to gorge and build up fat reserves for the coming winter. During the cold season they will retreat more to the forests, where their brown coats are less noticeable and live predominantly of the bark of trees and anything else they can browse.